Best bitcoin exchanges in 2019

If you want to know which are the best Bitcoin exchanges in 2019 to trade between our Bitcoin and other Altcoins, be sure to read what we have coming up next!

What elements have we considered to establish the best Bitcoin exchanges in 2019? In we have established a series of parameters that we consider indispensable when determining an Exchange as solid and safe for consumers. These values are:

Security: Hacker attacks on exchanges are not news, they happen very often. Evaluating the security policies that an Exchange takes to avoid being the victim of an attack is necessary. We cannot leave our currencies with insecure platforms or that do not foresee dangers on the network.

Exchange Rates: Logically Exchange have to make money and they do it with the rates and fees they charge on the transactions. For us, the users, the most beneficial thing is that the rates are as economic as possible.

Liquidity: The more liquidity the Exchange has, the better. Liquidity is given by the amount of transactions and the amount of money that moves within the Exchange.

Options for trading: How many currencies or pairs you can trade within the Exchange.

Customer support: On many occasions we may have problems with our transactions, it is more common than it seems. So in this situation we need the platform to have a customer service center that can help us solve the problem.

List of the 10 best Bitcoin exchanges in 2019

Having already seen the elements to evaluate, we will proceed to detail which were (according to our research) the best exchanges.

We have to start with Coinbase, an Exchange that had a 2018 with a lot of growth and that promises to stay the same in 2019. The first advantageous point that this Exchange has is that it is authorized by the financial authorities of the United States to operate within that country. This element gives it a security and a solidity that very few exchanges worldwide can offer.

In addition, it offers a large number of options for entering and withdrawing fiat currency from the platform. From bank deposits to debit/credit cards and incorporating in recent months the option of PayPal.

The main downside of Coinbase is that it is limited to a certain number of countries. If you are in a country where Coinbase does not work, you will not be able to do much with this Exchange. Another negative issue is that it trades with very few currencies, limiting trading options and investment diversification.


The exchange that started as an ICO and has its own currency has consolidated as one of the most important exchanges in the world. It had some problems with the Chinese authorities but managed to circumvent them very intelligently by expanding to other markets.

It has reasonable usage fees, but, if paid with Binance Coin, they are very economical. In addition, it is an Exchange with a high level of security and a constant need for development. They have a department that keeps evaluating the Blockchain technology and its application in the markets to improve the Exchange.


This is an Exchange for those who want to make a more professional trading within the cryptomoney market. It has more options to open or close orders, has the option to open stop-loss orders and other options for those who want to take trading to another level.

In addition, it is an Exchange with a very high and reliable security level. In recent years no error has been seen in Kraken’s security. It has a quite high level of liquidity since it is an Exchange with a large number of users who maintain a good level of operations within the network.


It is one of the oldest exchanges in the market and has remained solid during all the ups and downs of Bitcoin. It is one of the most liquid platforms in the market with very high trading volumes.

As far as its security is concerned, it has had small thefts throughout its years of existence but nothing to worry users. Bitstamp has always responded to its users and has been able to replenish funds that have been stolen.

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