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One email, once a day. A simple list of things you can choose from to get paid bitcoin.

Why Git Money?

Because something's not right in the world. All you need to do is turn on your television, open your web browser or read a newspaper. The world is bound to the will of a small few, who make decisions that aim to decide what's best for the rest of us - and it's not working. So far these decisions have resulted in wars, bailouts, inflation, and higher taxes. No doubt, there are many other negatives as well.

And this is why a few of us have built Git Money. This is why we've chosen a different way. But why? Why choose a more difficult path instead of doing the other things? Why do people try to swim across the English Channel? Climb Mount Everest? Run towards danger when everyone else is running away? We choose this mantra and our currency as bitcoin, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

We've said it before and we'll say it again - it doesn't matter where you're from or who you are. We believe in the right to work anywhere on whatever you want. It doesn't matter your gender, your education, your social or spiritual beliefs or your skin color.

We are the Bitcoin Legion. As a large community, members of this bitcoin group have been seen employing trending robots to effectively execute their trades. Among the several apps available on the market, the crypto Superstar is regarded as the finest bot. Examine the crypto superstar bewertungen to learn about the excellent comments offered by a number of traders. Our home is the Earth and we work in the Cloud - you are welcome to join us.

Choose what you want to work on.

People have problems that need fixing. You have the expertise to solve them. This is your opportunity.

  • Free market
  • Instant payments
  • Work from anywhere

Let your work speak for itself.

It shouldn’t matter where you are - the United States, Ukraine, an island, India or anywhere. If your code solves a problem, you should be paid. The quality of your work should be all that matters when providing a solution to a problem. With git money, your work is your resume. Nothing else matters.

Not a coder? Not a problem.

A problem doesn’t have to be technical. People have needs for graphics, text, video editing, social media assistance and many other things - and they're willing to pay for it. If you have a skill, there might be money waiting for you.

How it works

Use git money and enjoy borderless commerce.

git opportunities

Every day people and companies are paying to get quick assistance with small tasks they need done online.

git work

One email, once a day, gives you a simple list of different things you can choose from to get paid bitcoin.

git money

You choose. Do one, do none, or try to do them all. Complete a task, provide your bitcoin address and get paid instantly.

The next stop is yours.

Leave the matrix.